Health Agreement

Cottonwood Puppies Health Agreement


This agreement is not transferable The Breeder/Cottonwood Puppies certifies that the puppy at the time of adoption to the best of the Breeders knowledge is free from life threating diseases. Such as; Parvo, Distemper. The puppy will be vaccinated, it will be stated on the vaccination record provided to the Client. A Rabies Prevention pamphlet will be with your health record. It is also located on Cottonwood Puppies Web site at Things you will need. The Breeder does not guarantee against intestinal parasites, Giardiasis, Coccidiosis, mites, colds, mange, kennel cough, or any harm brought to animal by medications or neglect of the client. 

Cottonwood Puppies recommends a vet exam within 2 business days after arrival of your puppy. Should a serious life-threatening condition be found during the vet examination the client must communicate with the Breeder of Cottonwood Puppies immediately. The Client must present to Cottonwood Puppies in writing the condition by the Clients licensed veterinarian, Cottonwood Puppies will provide a replacement puppy as soon as such a puppy is available or a refund when puppy is returned. The purchase price only with in the 48-hour period (2 days only). The replacement puppy shipping will be paid by the Cottonwood Puppies if shipped to a state other than Colorado. In this case, the Client must return the pup to the Cottonwood Puppies immediately with all papers surrendered. All Veterinarian costs are the responsibility of the client. It is Highly recommended to purchase Pet insurance. Cottonwood Puppies guarantees that for a period of 2 year from the date of birth, should puppy develop any genetic disease, that would cause death of the Puppy a replacement puppy will be provided as soon as one is available. Veterinarian documentation is required for replacement. I will extend the guarantee for a period of 1 additional year if the puppy is continually on Nu Vet Vitamins, Information will come with the puppy pack. 

Accepting this puppy, the Client agrees to provide appropriate veterinarian treatment to puppy, including appropriate inoculations, parasite treatment, and heartworm treatment as recommended by buyer’s vet. Buyer also agrees to feed a high-quality food to this puppy. This puppy is sold as a companion pet to be used for tasks appropriate to the breed. There are no guarantees given as to this dog's eventual size, breeding ability, color, coat, teeth or conformation when he/she reaches maturity. The Buyer agrees puppy will reside in the home of the Buyer and will not be chained or tied out. This puppy is being sold with the understanding it is going to a good home and will become part of the family. 

I have raised this puppy from sound parents and it is your responsibility to take good care of him or her to ensure a long healthy life. You play an important role in helping your puppy grow into a healthy adult dog. If you are not able to keep this dog in the future and wish to return him or her, you may do so along with the paperwork provided by the Seller at the time of purchase. You will not receive a refund for this puppy. This Dog / Puppy will not be surrendered to any Animal Shelter, Humane Society or Rescue Center It must be returned to the Cottonwood Puppies at buyers’ expense if you are unable to home the puppy. Deposits are non-refundable! A deposit can be refunded by the breeder if something happens to the puppy while in Cottonwood Puppies possession. All puppies are sold with limited AKC unless otherwise discussed between breeder and client. This puppy is being sold as a pet and the pup will not be bred. 

The puppy is not the property of the buyer until it leaves Cottonwood Puppies premises.

If there is a problem with the puppy communicate with the breeder. 

I agree to the health agreement for Cottonwood puppies

Filling in the information below you are Agreeing to the Health Agreement

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