Havanese puppies for sale Colorado


Havanese cute fluffy puppies below

Below you will find my available Havanese  puppies for sale. Puppy pictures are below

Hypoallergenic non shedding puppies for sale.

All of my puppies Have found their homes . I will be expecting puppies late spring

I  I would be happy to notify you when they are born Please fill out the contact information 

Right at this time you can contact Shane Korthuis ~ Gorgeous Puppies!

He has  4 males available for adoption . He is located in the Denver area. His Dam Cara bred to 

My Sire Chevy Chase

His phone number is 970-623-3821 call or Text

Contact Me

Havanese Litter

Cottonwood Puppies

(970) 874-9672

All of the puppies are sold with limited AKC

Limited AKC m eans that the dog cannot produce A KC Registable litters. However, it may parti,icipate in most AKC events,including Agility,Obedience and AKC Juior Showmanship